Wojnarowicz, Mateusz, Platform. 2023. Acrylic on paper. 8.5 x 11.  © M.W.

Teen Voices Matter Political Party

Mateusz Wojnarowicz

Teenage Entrepreneur & Innovator

Founder, CEO, Producer, and Host



Teen Voices Matter Political Party

Subsidiary of Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC

Silicon Beach Corridor, California, USA

Office of Mr. Wojnarowicz: +1 (424) 234-1712

Teen Voices Matter office hours:

2nd & 4th Mondays / 9AM-1PM PST

Teen Voices Matter Political Party is a subsidiary of Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC. In my employment as Founder, CEO, Producer, and Host at Teen Voices Matter, I, Mateusz Wojnarowicz, teenage entrepreneur, manage advertising, sponsorship, and merchandise, and, I produce political commentary for my multi-partisan multi-media network and political party platform to further political understanding and insights and give voice on the political landscape to the struggles of the American teenager. © M.W.

Investment Forecast 2023-2024

Seed Round 1

Pledge 10%=Poland ❤️ Haiti

Investor contact:

Teen Voices Matter

c/o Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC


Wojnarowicz, Mateusz, Teen Voices Matter. 2019.  Sharpie on canvas. 16 x 20. © M.W.